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I have been privileged to have various relationships with Hoshi General hospital
as a friend, researcher, but also a health care receiver. I have visited Hoshi General Hospital since the early 1980's when I presented the first t-PA research data on dogs before t-PA becomes widely used to human. I believe that Hoshi General Hospital had one of the first cutting edge research information from Massachusetts General Hospital in the field of coronary artery disease.
Since then I have given multiple talks and the Board members and physicians are keen in new knowledge as well as education of young physicians at the institution.
Medicine is a life long learning process until retirement. However, if you have a chance to study abroad in your young age, you would have a strong impact in your future. If you learn something that contributes to a new medicine, it's fabulous. I have been at Massachusetts General Hospital last 28 years. I have enjoyed the association of my colleagues and affiliation of Harvard Medical School. Harvard Medical School is one of the greatest medical schools in the world and Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the top medical centers.
We do practice outstanding medicine in broad areas and educate many clinicians over
2 00 years.
If you are a house officer (Kenshu -I or ee) and qualified by the selection committee of Hoshi General Hospital, you will have an opportunity to come and work at Massachusetts General Hospital. Clinical training could be difficult that requires fluent English and medical license. However, research opportunity would be plentiful, particularly, the fund will be provided by the Hoshi General Hospital. If you have a medical license and English is not a limiting factor, however, I would be able to find an appropriate position to learn clinical skills as well. The field of your interest will be respected and will not be limited in few specialties. I will personally arrange the position.
I have worked with over 20 Japanese doctors. The majorities are professors in Japan. Also in the past, many Europeans, Asians and South Americans trainees at MGH, most of them became leaders of their countries. If you want to have postgraduate clinical training, you should not just think clinical training but think more that is to create and provide a new treatment or diagnostic technique. That will help unfortunate victims of illness and you will help them at the highest level of and newest level of medical care. Please just do not think "Clinical training" think " Clinical training with creating medicine.
I would like to help to offer you a position/year at MGH with collaboration with Hoshi General Hospital.


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